“Doctor Strange”- Review:

Former Neurosurgeon Dr. Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) starts his healing process after a devastating accident. On his journey, he becomes entrenched in the world of mystic arts.

This has to be the best ensemble for a stand alone Marvel Cinematic Universe film. With Cumberbatch in the title role, his romantic interest is played by Rachel McAdams and his foe is played by the great Mads Mikkelsen. The Ancient One is played by Tilda Swinton while Chiwetel Ejiofor plays Mordo. Judging by the trailers, were in for an Inception type experience. Director Scott Derrickson captured some really insane visuals here. Hopefully Doctor Strange can be that different take on a hero film, that Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man also were.

Doctor Strange has to be one of the most interesting theater experiences I’ve ever had. Director Scott Derrickson puts together such a departure from anything we’ve ever seen in the super hero genre. His visuals were jaw dropping. This truly is a feat for everyone over at Marvel. The fact that they can make a time bending, magical, and mystical movie shows how successful this universe is.

Performances are terrific across the board. Benedict Cumberbatch embodies Doctor Strange. He brings the arrogance and confidence needed to be a big shit Doctor in his previous life. He also has that sense of wonder when he goes and seeks help from The Ancient One (Tilda Swinton). Swinton is spectacular, her performance is so captivating. There has to be a sense of credibility in a role such as that. She has it. Chiwetel Ejiofor was a welcome addition to this cast as Mordo. He plays it very straight and serious, which is good juxtaposition against Starnge’s skepticism. I really enjoyed McAdams as Christine Palmer. It’s obvious that her and Strange have a relationship that is very codependent on each other. It doesn’t really have time to blossom fully, but it was fun to watch while it was there. Didn’t take away from the film at all.

Couple negatives here, but nothing too glaring. There are a couple long exposition dumps, it is needed for something as complex as this but it’s noticeable nonetheless. The other is the villain. Mads Mikkelsen’s performance is great! Nothing on him. Marvel just don’t put much stock into having a compelling villain. You never feel like Strange is in any danger really.

Doctor Strange is a great super hero origin story, with a great magic, timeloop film mixed in as well. I can’t wait to see Cumberbatch join Downey, Evans, and Hemsworth in The Avengers down the line.


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