“Wonder Woman-Trailer Review:”

The first trailer post Comic-Con has dropped for Wonder Woman. I have to talk about this project as a whole to start off. It’s phenomenal to finally see a female led hero film. Not only that, but THE female hero, Wonder Woman. On top of that, Patty Jenkins is helming the project. Judging by the trailer, she’s done a fantastic job.

The first shot is immaculate. We see Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) watching a plane plummet into the ocean. She immediately dives in the water and pulls out someone who we can safely assume is Steve Trevor (Chris Pine).

We then start this epic battle where Amazonian’s are storming the beach on horseback. We get a taste of Patty Jenkins’s skills shooting action sequences. It’s safe to say that she handles it brilliantly. Someone fires a bullet that goes in slow motion, past Diana and Steve. She manages to capture the horror on their faces once that bullet hits.

There’s some humor here as well. Steve Trevor wants Diana to help him “fight the war to end all wars”. Talk about stakes. There’s a few shots of Wonder Woman preparing for battle which are beautiful (duh).

I really loved the subtle change in the color pallet when Diana and Steve go into the world together. It goes from a really bright and vibrant pallet on the beach, to a really muted and dark pallet when she’s not in the Amazon with Steve.

My favorite shot of the past two trailers is when she is climbing that ladder in full Wonder Woman get up and she is being shot at. The way she deflects that bullet off her is powerful. She looks like a true badass here, and through out. Watching her arrive in that gorgeous blue gown with the sword hidden in it to the party is a great shot too.

At the end we get to see her flying through the air and wielding the lasso of truth. It’s such a treat. This Wonder Woman trailer floored me. The visuals, Gal’s delivery, and the chemistry with Chris Pine all shine through here. I think coupled with Gal’s limited performance in BvS, plus the Justice League trailer and now this full length Wonder Woman trailer I can say with confidence that we finally will have an awe inspiring female hero out there.


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