“Box Office Report October 28-30”

Boo! A Madea Halloween $16.6M

Madea in its second week barley gets another first place finish. It was another really slow week a the box office. Weather that’s people paying close attention to the Election cycle, or the Cubs being in the World Series, Hollywood has taken a hit domestically in October.

Inferno $15M

Talk about a domestic disappointment. In its opening week, Inferno comes in second and performs horribly. The budget is around $75M so it’s not going to come close to making money here in the states. This is one of those buzzard cases where Inferno is absolutely smashing overseas. It’s anticipated to make $150M, so you already doubled your money out there. The lack of interest here however is a shock. You have to assume the ten year gap between the sequels had a lot to do with it.

Full Inferno review


Jack Reacher: Never Go Back $9.5M

In week 2, Jack Reacher drops 60%. I enjoy Tom Cruise in anything pretty much so hopefully this film doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. With Doctor Strange being released next week it’s hard to think that won’t be the case.

Full Jack Reacher review:


The Accountant $8.4M

It’s really a treat to see this film still taking in a decent haul. To only finish a million behind a Tom Cruise film in its second week when you’re in your third. This is the superior of the two, Affleck crushed it here. There’s just more meat on this bone.

The Accountant full review:

Ouija: Origin of Evil $6.4M

This being the only horror film out, I’m a bit disappointed to see it not come out a little further up in the ranks. It is among the best horror films of the year, so maybe it will have a strong performance on Monday. We’ll see.

Full Ouija Review:



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