When Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) wakes up with amnesia in an Italian hospital he teams up with his nurse, Sienna Brooks (Felicity Jones) to pick up the pieces. They must beat the clock in order to foil a plan that would wipe out half the worlds population.

The first movie in this franchise was great. The Da Vinci Code was witty, gripping, and an enthralling thriller. The sequel, Angels and Demons, was decent. A step down for sure, but another fun thrill ride nonetheless. Hopefully Inferno’s story puts Ron Howard’s brilliant direction to good use along with Tom Hank’s powerful performances.

Inferno isn’t nearly as bad as people are making it out to be. Let’s start with the positives. Acting across the board is stellar. I love Tom Hanks as Professor Langdon. He brings the right kind of persona to the role. Felicity Jones was a welcome addition to the franchise. The dynamic with her and Hanks worked really well. The two of them have great chemistry and it was fun watching them solve this mystery for the most part. Ben Foster has a small role in the film and he crushes it. He plays a billionaire who is dead set on the need for another plague. You believe everything he says.

The problem with the film is the writing. I don’t know how slow paced Dan Brown’s book was, but this movie just trudged along at a snails pace. There’s a twist of course, and once it happens it’s surprising. Not surprising in the way a twist in Scream or Psycho, more like Saw. A twist just for the sake of a twist. It didn’t feel like anything, or anyone mattered. You’re just watching for Hanks, and if you’re going for that you’ll be happy. Ron Howard’s direction is pedestrian at best. It didn’t bring anything spectacular to the film.

Go to see Inferno for Hanks and Jones if you really want to go to the movies this weekend. If you’re a fan of the franchise go ahead and check this out as well, if not just wait for VOD.

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