“Logan: Trailer Review”

Along with the Guardians 2 trailer, the new teaser for Logan was released. After watching this, I can say with a good amount of confidence that Logan is my most anticipated film of next year.

There was just something about it. It doesn’t feel like a hero film. Seeing Hugh Jackman at this broken point as Logan. In a world post X-Men, post mutant, post everything. It looks like a desolate wasteland compared to the world we’ve seen in the prequel trilogy, and the X-Men films before that.

What we saw in the trailer is that Logan’s powers have been depleted. We see the scars on his back that aren’t healing. Professor X is in bad shape as well. He’s laid up somewhere, looking like to be at the end of his proverbial rope.

Now the action sequences. There are some insane shots here. We see Logan still flying through the air, and drawing his blades to someone’s face. He is one of the only actors that have been synonymous with his role. Synonymous in the way that when you think of Jackman, you think of Wolverine, and the same goes for when you think of Wolverine. You don’t really think of the comic, you think of Jackman first.

Throughout the trailer we see X-23 (Dafnee Keen). If I were to guess what this film is going to be based on the trailer, I’d guess that the government is after her because she’s the last mutant. Wolverine and Professor X have to protect her.

The use of Johnny Cash’s song Hurt was the best fit here. This trailer felt like a mini movie. It was a beautiful, stand alone piece of art. I can’t wait to see how Logan plays out.


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