“Ouija: Origin of Evil”-Review:

A widow and her two daughters add a new trick to bring more customers to their seance scam. This brings true evil to their home.

The first Ouija film was lackluster to put it mildly. It was pretty much a bunch of jump scares with forgettable characters. Olivia Cooke being the only bright spot amongst a dim film.

This prequel, set in 1965 was head and shoulders above its predecessor. Mike Flanagan directs a truly scary, thrilling, and suspenseful film. This comes as no surprise to anyone who saw Hush earlier this year on Netflix. All it took for Flanagan in Hush was a house, a deaf lead, and one intruder to make a phenomenal horror film. He builds such tension throughout. Flanagan is great at building the story to come to a crescendo, so when you get to that point you care about everyone involved. The sequences are shot brilliantly. When you see the demon it’s horrifying. Flanagan is a horror powerhouse.

The acting for the most part is solid. The standout is the performance of Lulu Wilson, she plays youngest daughter Dorris. In these kind of films the child performance can come across a tad cheesy. It’s quite the opposite here. Wilson is the heart of the character moments between the family, and the center of all the horrific sequences. She was haunting. The speech she gives in the trailer about the feeling of being strangled was even better in context.

Ouija: Origin of Evil is another good horror movie to come out in 2016. This has been the year of horror. Lights Out, Don’t Breathe, and now Ouija have kept audiences on the edge all year. This is a great one to see on Halloween.

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