“Box Office Report October 14-16”

The Accountant $24.7M

Ben Affleck stars in Gavin O’Connor’s action flick. The Accountant is a really fun film. The way O’Connor told the story in a non linear way, with a main character that suffers from autism is a courageous venture. Affleck played the role very well, and delivers in those powerful action scenes. Jon Bernthal and Anna Kendrick also are solid here.

The Accountant full review:


Kevin Hart: What Now? 11.98M

Kevin Hart’s comedy specials are among some of my favorite stand ups ever. His style of comedy is right in my wheel house. I laughed from beginning to end, there’s really no break in the action. The skit at the beginning is fine for what it is. He plays on the Bond character and
throws a little Equalizer in there. It was fun. Hart is one of the funniest actors working today, so seeing him in his element is always a treat. It’s one of those cases where you have to assess whether you’re into his previous comedy or not. If you aren’t, than you won’t really be into this. If you’re a fan of Kevin Hart like I am you’ll really love this.

The Girl on the Train $11.97M

Films like these usually perform well at the box office. You have that built in audience with the best selling book, and the film lends itself open for multiple viewings. The non linear story telling makes you lock in to everything that’s going on at all times. It’s a bit slow, so you may be a little put off by it at times. I was invested in the characters, so I was invested in what was going on for sure.

The Girl on the Train full review:


Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children $8.9M

The same sentiment for Girl on the Train is applicable here. Built in audience, with more of that YA crowd which is a very loyal fan base for the most part. It’s taken in around $65M so we’ll see if Sony wants to green light the next two books in the franchise.

Peculiar Children full review:


Deepwater Horizon $6.3M

Mark Wahlberg is a movie star. We all know this. When his name is on the poster your movie will make money. His next true story Patriot’s Day, also directed by Peter Berg will most likely do very well too.

Deepwater Horizon full review:



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