“The Accountant”-Review:

Christian Wolff (Ben Affleck) is more into numbers than the people in his life. Working at a small town accounting office, he does freelance work for some of the biggest criminal organizations in the world.

The Accountant is one of my most anticipated of 2016. Between Gavin O’Connor’s direction and this stellar cast, and the great trailers my anticipation heightened more and more. Along with Affleck in the cast is Anna Kendrick, J.K. Simmons, Jon Bernthal, Jeffery Tambor and John Lithgow. O’Connor’s previous film, Warrior is one of my all time favorites. The guts to make a film about MMA at that time coupled with the brotherhood story between Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton made it an emotionally charged and satisfying flick. Hopefully O’Connor can deliver another great film, with a powerful cast here.

The Accountant is a captivating action, thriller, and crime film. Gavin O’Connor directs such visceral action sequences, but couples that with really powerful character moments. His direction is definitely one of the highlights here. From time to time you might’ve heard me say that I admire the way a director can balance so many genres in one film. O’Connor manages to have a a visceral, John Wick like action film, with some Jason Bourne like twists. On top of that he throws some comedy in there with Dana (Anna Kendrick) and Christian, that leads to a blossoming romance.

Ben Affleck absolutely crushed his role as Christian Wolff. Watching him suffer from autism is truly heartbreaking. When he starts kicking ass it’s such a treat. You root for Wolff, there’s action scenes that make you want to literally cheer audibly in the theater. He’s an amazing actor. There’s no measuring his range. The variety of characters he’s played in his career is remarkable. Christian Wolff is up there with one of his best.

The rest of the cast is stellar as well. Anna Kendrick starts out as an acquaintance of Christian, until she gets in too deep. The chemistry between Kendrick and Affleck is really good. I wouldn’t think that Kendrick’s more outgoing personality would gel well with Affleck’s macho, sometimes cold, stern expressions. It really meshes well. Watching their friendship build is one of the more human moments in a movie filled with some over the top action.

J.K. Simmons plays Ray King, head of Treasury on the hunt for “The Accountant”. His performance is also really good. You can tell how badly he wants to find this guy, and how that consumes him. Simmons is always great in these grizzled old cop type of roles. He fits in well here. Jon Bernthal does as well. He’s a hit man that’s been put on a parallel path to Wolff.
When those paths cross, it’s a battle you can’t take your eyes off of.

The Accountant is a really good flick. The performances and directing are both stellar, and the action will take you back. It does get a little long in the tooth, and expiation heavy at times, I personally didn’t mind it but some may. It’s definitely worth seeing as soon as you can.


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