“Box Office Report October 7-9”

The Girl on the Train $24.6M

No surprise at the top as the adaptation of a best seller wins the box office. The movie in itself is nothing to innovative or genre changing, but it’s still a fun watch. Blunt’s performance is powerful and the acting as a whole is great. It cost Universal $45M to make so making back more than half its budget is a good haul.

The Girl on the Train full review:


Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children $15M

In a genuine surprise to me, Peculiar Children takes second place. The books are really popular, and last week the film did perform well. I just didn’t think people would come back out for a second viewing. Good for Fox on a solid couple weeks, the film has taken in about $50M so far which is only half its budget. It’s going to need a powerful overseas haul to make some money.

Peculiar Children full review:


Deepwater Horizon $11.7M

Mark Wahlberg’s newest true story takes third, and adds almost $12M to its haul. Deepwater Horizon took me by surprise. It’s an emotional film, with great visuals and an impactful story. Wahlberg and Peter Berg will later team up for Patriots day, the story of the Boston Bombings. If their previous works are any indicator of the quality of Patriots Day, it will be moving.

Deepwater Horizon full review:


The Magnificent Seven $9.1M

The Denzel lead western is still hanging in there. In three weeks it’s gathered $75M. I’m glad people are still seeing this film. It’s fun enough to go back to the theater multiple times.

The Magnificent Seven full review:


Storks $8.4M

Storks is the only animated film out so it’s no surprise that they are still taking in money. It’s quietly took in $50M. Great haul for a non Disney film.


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