“The Girl on the Train”- Review:

Divorcee, Rachel (Emily Blunt) becomes intertwined in a missing persons investigation that will shake up her life forever.

The Girl on the Train was a movie that I was looking forward to all year long. I read the book, the cast is absolutely stellar with Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson, and Haley Bennett rounding out the three female leads. On the male side there’s Justin Theroux, Luke Evans and Edgar Rameriez. So top to bottom we have great players at work with Tate Taylor directing great source material. Doesn’t The Girl on the Train have everything going for it?

I’m a bit torn here. In some ways I loved this movie. Mostly due to the performances. Emily Blunt may have delivered the performance of her career. She brought everything she had to Rachel. The emotion, the love, the loss, addiction, and abuse in her life all we’re at the forefront. Blunt loses herself in this role. Rebecca Ferguson in her follow up to Mission Impossible 5 was great as well. Her character of Anna has a lot to deal with emotionally as well and she also lets you know everything is feeling through her eyes. The love for her child shines through, and that kind of love is the thread that holds the film together. Emily Blunt’s performance is getting a lot of love and rightfully so, but Haley Bennett’s Megan Hipwell is phenomenal. Megan is just as broken as anyone here and you actually feel for this girl as the movie progresses. There’s a vulnerability to her that makes you want to help her. It’s like blow after blow this girl takes in her life.

The male side is solid as well, starting with Justin Theroux as Tom. His performance is truly haunting, chilling, and cunning. His character arch throws you for a loop. In such a good way. Edgar Ramirez as Kamal Abdic is good, and his role really serves its purpose well. You can tell why he’s there as soon as he pops up, but his performance is good nonetheless. Like Evans plays the husband to Megan Hipwell. He plays that distressed, concerned husband role great.

Tate Taylor directs this New York suburban scenery well. The visuals are solid. He gets great performances out of his actors so there’s no complaints there for me. My problem lyes with jumping around of the timeline. You go from 4 months ago, to 1 year ago and so on. It’s just a bit jarring.

I really enjoyed The Girl on the Train. The story is compelling and captivating, with great performances by the whole cast Emily Blunt especially. This film is worth a watch in theaters right away.


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