“Box Office Report September 30- October 2”

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children $28.5M

The new comer to finish first this week is the new Tim Burton flick. I quite enjoyed this film. It’s a fun, X-Men lite, YA adaptation. Jane Goldman did a good job adapting Ransom Riggs novel into a feature film. There’s a great action sequence at the end that makes the slow points in the film worth it.

Full Peculiar Children review:


Deepwater Horizon $20.6M

The second new comer this week comes in second. The Mark Wahlberg led true story takes in a decent haul its first week. This movie knocked me back with its emotional punch amongst the chaos and explosions. The performances from Wahlberg, Dylan O’Brien and Kurt Russell are all superb. They bring the humanity out of such a tragic event. Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg have something special.

Full Deepwater Horizon review:


The Magnificent Seven $15.7M

The Sony western is now more than 2/3 of the way to making back its $90M budget. It’s such a fun film with awesome action. Denzel and Chris Pratt deliver delightful performances. Fuqua has directed action gem time and time again.

Full Magnificent Seven review:


Storks $13.8M

This was prime real estate for an animated release. There hasn’t been an animated release in weeks so WB took advantage of the market. Smart play on their part.

Sully $8.4M

Sully just keeps throwing little defensive jabs to stay in the fight. It crossed over $100M in just a month of release. It’s truly a feat. For a film that is a true story l, to just captivate the people so much is truly surprising.

Full Sully review:



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