“Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”- Review:

Jake (Asa Butterfield) discovers Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children through his grandfather. When he discovers the children’s abilities danger rises.

Tim Burton adapts Ransom Rigg’s popular novel in a beautiful, visual, and vibrant way. Burton delivers visually behind the camera as he usually does. The set pieces are colorful and full of life, and lived in.

Eva Green plays the mother to all these Peculiar Children. She plays that role so well. The different relationships that she has with each child is a joy to watch. Asa Butterfield plays Jake, who we follow on this crazy journey. He delivers a solid performance as well. At times he’s pretty wooden but when the emotion is needed, he brings it.

I also loved these abilities and peculiarities. There’s twins that kill you on sight, a girl that touches things that burst into flames, and a hulk strong little girl. Those aren’t even at the top of the list but that’s just some of the really fun abilities in the film.

At times the plot gets a tad convoluted. A lot of back and forth for no real reason. Once you get into the meat of this story you’re pulled out and brought back in. This easily could’ve been a half hour shorter.

All in all Peculiar Children is a fun young adult film. It’s a cool X-Men type of film for a younger audience. I was never bored but I could see if some are at times. The film has an action packed ending that is worth the price of admission alone.


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