“Deepwater Horizon”- Review:

The powerful true story of the offshore drilling rig that exploded in April 2010. It caused the biggest oil spill in the history of the United States.

Peter Berg directs Mark Wahlberg in a film that I’ve been anticipating for awhile now. The last time Wahlberg was in a true story that was directed by Berg it was Lone Survivor. A movie that I absolutely adored. I was on the edge of my seat throughout and I fell in love with Marcus Luttrell and Mike Murphy. Hopefully Deepwater Horizon has that same affect on me.

Deepwater Horizon has to be one of the best films of the year. Peter Berg directs another hard hitting, white knuckle, emotional true story. Putting all the obvious things to the side, like the disaster and explosion being shot perfectly by Berg, he tells a magnificent story. You care about every person on that rig. Once things start going horribly wrong you really do care. Berg packs this with such an emotional punch, I found myself moved to tears at points.

Mark Wahlberg delivers one of the best performances of his career. The heroism and bravery that Mike Williams displayed on this rig was brought to the forefront by Wahlberg. It’s such an inspiration to watch how determined he was to save the people on that rig.

Kurt Russell plays the leader of the rig Jimmy Harrell. His performance is solid as well. There’s so much hurt on his face. Like for some reason he put everything that happened on his shoulders. Jimmy did everything he could to stop it and saved many people along the way.

All the people that were aboard Deepwater Horizon went through something that many of us will never face in our life. A situation where you have to pick life or death. For your life or the life of your brother. Every actor in this film portrays that characteristic to perfection. Of course you get those select few who are the center of corporate greed and you’re meant to hate them. Everyone on that rig, that went out to the ocean to provide for their families I commend you.


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