“Box Office Report: September 23-25”

The Magnificent Seven $35M

September has been a lack luster month at the box office. As excepted however the new western came out on top. Denzel and Chris Pratt on a poster is going to get anyone’s attention. Couple that with the trailers being action packed and fun, the movie had everything going for it.

Full Magnificent Seven review:


Storks $21.8M

There’s been a void in the family genre for a few weeks with Pete’s Dragon and Kubo winding down it’s theatrical runs. This was a great time to slide an under the radar animated film to steal a pretty penny here. I’ve heard some pretty good things about Storks I’m sure that played a huge part of the turn out.

Sully $13.8M

With only a 35% drop from last week Sully has brought in $92 million in just 3 weeks of release. Those are huge numbers for a biopic, but a Tom Hanks Clint Eastwood collaboration will bring people out to the theater. Apparently in massive droves.

Full Sully review:


Bridget Jones’s Baby $4.5M

I can’t say it’s under performing because I don’t think anyone was clamoring for a sequel here. No buzz is behind Bridget Jones, even though the film is hilarious. It hasn’t even made half its budget back yet.

Full Bridget Jones’s Baby review:


Snowden $4.1M

Snowden drops 47% percent to bring in another 4 million in its second week. A movie about such a topical issue should’ve made more money. It’s a shame that more people didn’t see this film.

Snowden full review:



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