“The Magnificent Seven”- Review

Seven assassins in the wild Wild West join forces to take back a village from savage thieves.

The Magnificent Seven is directed by Antoine Fuqua, who has been the king of remakes as of late. Between this and The Equalizer, he’s been bringing back some properties to prominence. The cast he has to work with helps as well, Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, Ethan Hawke and Vincent D’onofrio all star in this shoot me up western. Can Fuqua revitalize this genre?

I don’t think the Magnificent Seven can bring westerns all the way back, considering the last really good one was probably 20 years ago. However, this is such a fun film. Fuqua has to be one of the most under appreciated directors working today. From Olympus Has Fallen, Equalizer, Southpaw and now Magnificent Seven. He just knows how to direct action and develop characters into really inspiring heroes. The action is shot in such a gritty way, that it feels like something happening in present day, but you get brought right back into that western world. He also gets great character moments in those slower periods, he knows when to bring the movie back down after an intense action sequence.

Now the performances, which are phenomenal top to bottom. Let’s start at the top with Denzel. He plays his character of Sam Chisolm in that way where you learn so much about him, but you still get that Denzel charm. That really works in this film, it’s a fun shoot em up, Denzel plays perfectly into that. As does Chris Pratt. His comedic chops and that timing he has with the rest of the cast really helps the tone of the film.

Ethan Hawke plays Goodnight, he has the most character depth to sink his teeth into. Goodnight has been through a lot in his life, there’s things that prevent him from contributing to his full potential. You can tell how much it eats away at him throughout. His arch is one of the best by far, I’d say Chisolm, Goodnight, and Faraday (Pratt) all have nice arcs here. They all intertwine nicely with each other.

The Magnificent Seven is a treat in late September. You find yourself entertained for a couple hours watching a revenge western flick that captivates you with the direction and performances. It’s worth seeing while it’s in theaters.


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