“Box Office Report September 16-18”

Sully $22M

A surprise repeat atop this weekends box office. Sully pulls in another $22 million dropping only 37 percent from last week. A cumulative total of $70 million thus far is a good little haul for a film that went a bit under the radar. As far under as a Tom Hanks movie can go anyway.

Sully full review:


Blair Witch $9.6M

Some forecasts had Blair Witch doubling its total and coming in around $20 million this weekend. Horror movies are never a disappointment at the box office due to the tiny budgets. A mere $5 million dollar budget is doubled Lionsgate. As the weeks go by I think Blair Witch will have staying power. Similar to the legs of another horror movie on this list.

Blair Witch full review:


Bridget Jones’s Baby $8.2M

Bridget Jones’s Baby is one of those sequels that people weren’t dying for, that came out of nowhere, and people just weren’t interested. I can’t be surprised by this result. There was critical praise for it, but that can only get you so far. When there’s no interest you just can’t except critical praise to push it up over the top.

Bridget Jones’s Baby full review:


Snowden $8M

This is a bit of a shock to me. Snowden was marketed fairly well. I’ve seen tv spots play while flipping through the channels so it’s a bit bizarre. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a recognizable star, as is Shailene Woodley. The true story of Snowden is a captivating one, so why people didn’t go see this movie is a bummer.

Snowden full review:


Don’t Breathe $5.6M

The legs on Don’t Breathe are truly amazing. The budget was just $10 million and it’s made a total of $75 million throughout its run. I’m curious to see where Don’t Breathe will top out at. Who knows at this point.

Don’t Breathe full review:


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