“Bridget Jones’s Baby”- Review:

Bridget (Renèe Zellweger) has been enjoying single life and her career until she finds out that she’s pregnant. That would put anyone’s life on hold, but she is only 50 percent sure of who the father is. Mark (Colin Firth) or Jack (Patrick Dempsey).

Bridget Jones’s Baby is such a charming sequel. The script has some really gut busting laughs. Sometimes it misses the mark but for the most part the laughs are consistent throughout.

The performances are really fun as well. Zellweger is hilarious as Bridget Jones. She brings that corkiness and girl next door element that she embodies so much. Colin Firth is great as Mark, the straight guy. He’s very serious, so when he goes off or has a comedic moment it’s that much better. Patrick Dempsey was okay here. He’s pretty much playing a laid back version of Patrick Dempsey.

It’s refreshing to have a romantic comedy come out that’s good, and actually stars adults. The last couple years it’s been all teen movies that take up that space. There’s Nicholas Sparks too, but this exceeds those movies by miles. It’s funny, witty, and enlightening. If you’re looking for something lighter this weekend, Bridget Jones’s Baby is for you.


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