“Blair Witch”- Review:

After a major discovery of a video which he believes to be his sisters demonic experience with the Blair Witch, James and his friends go into those woods in hopes of finding his long lost sibling.

This release has to be one of the most intriguing in recent memory. Lionsgate started marketing this film as “The Woods”. They debut it at Comic-Con and say oh by the way, this is Blair Witch. There was no better way to put this movie out there. I feel like if the studio just said here’s a new Blair Witch, people would be more skeptical, crying about another reboot or sequel in Hollywood. Surprising people and pleasantly at that with the screening started the positive word of mouth and now we’re finally here. Adam Wingard helms this project, that no has become one of my most anticipated of this year.

Wow. As I’ve said in my Don’t Breathe review, 2016 is undoubtedly the best year we’ve had in horror. Blair Witch is such a great found footage film. In a time where we see a found footage movie in the works and we gawk at it, Wingard hits a home run. He directs this movie at a plodding pace at first, letting everything build to a beautiful crescendo in the last act. Wingard captures creepy visuals of these woods in Burkittsville, Maryland. He knows how to build tension, and let that muster within you. The scares are chilling, you can’t really get into any specifics without spoiling them, but once you hit that third act all bets are off.

Blair Witch also builds on the mythology of the original, without muddling the previous installment. You aren’t going to get all the answers you may have hoped for, but you learn more about this crazy world. There’s also some twists and turns that I personally didn’t expect. There are so many layers to Blair Witch, and it’s a treat to see a found footage movie be so immersed in lore.

There’s one negative that I’ve seen going around about the film, and it’s that Blair Witch is pretty much a rehash of the original. My response to that is a one word answer. So? Did you enjoy The Force Awakens? Or how about Creed. Those movies take what made the original great, and give you a little something new. That’s exactly what Blair Witch gives you.

Blair Witch is a fantastic horror film. It has you on the edge of your seat, grasping the armrests and holding on for dear life. I couldn’t get enough of this movie. I can’t wait to see where Lionsgate takes this property from here.


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