The NSA’s illegal surveillance methods are leaked out to the press by one of their own employees, Edward Snowden (Joseph Gordon-Levitt).

I’ve been intrigued by Snowden ever since it’s gone into production. The movie has been done and shot for a good while now and is finally being released. The cast is absolutely sensational. I’m expecting Levitt and Shailene Woodley to have tremendous chemistry. They are two of the best working today and I’m thrilled to see them play off of each other. By the way, Snowden is directed by one of the best directors of all time, Oliver Stone.

Snowden is a must see. Weather you know the story, or not there is a lot to take from watching this film. The first being Oliver Stone’s take on him. He believes that Snowden is a hero and changed everything about the world we live in. Be that as it may, the perspective is one worth taking in. Stone has always been a divisive director, this film doesn’t change that.

Stone’s direction itself is great here. He gets an all time performance from Joseph Gordon-Levitt. When he’s on screen playing Snowden it’s like he has become him in every way. From the mannerisms, cadence, and tone of voice. Gordon-Levitt becomes Snowden in the best performance of his career. Stone also does the same with Shailene Woodley. Coming off of the Divergent series, she needed a performance like this to show everyone that she belongs in these types of roles. She held her own in every scene with her male counterpart. That relationship was really flushed out, and Oliver Stone does a good job balancing the political stakes of the movie with this budding romance. The way that took a toll on their relationship was a key part in this story. Stone made that feel every bit as important as everything else that was going on.

Oliver Stone does bring that same visual flare that comes with his films. There is a lot of narration by Gordon-Levitt over scenes that are playing out from his perspective. Stone transitions from flashback to the present time in the film brilliantly. It was seamless at times.

Snowden is a great film in my opinion. Oliver Stone did a great job of balancing a love story, with a political thriller, and a spy film all at once. It didn’t hurt that he got all time performances from his two leads. The film is a bit long, coming in around two hours and fifteen minutes so you really have to be in the mood to watch a movie like this, but it deserves to be seen by the masses. It’s timely and topical with the election just mere months away, after watching it I can understand why it was on the shelf for a bit.

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