“Box Office Report September 9-11”

Sully $35.5M

You can’t be surprised by this finish. Another really slow weekend at the box office, you throw a movie out with Tom Hanks on the poster and its a lock at 1. Sully is a great true story about a historic event. Clint Eastwood directed it beautifully. On the weekend of 9/11, a tragic day for this great nation Sully was the perfect film to release at this time. A love letter to New York.

Sully full review:

When the Bough Breaks $15M

The Morris Chestnut led thriller comes in second. The tiny $10M budget has already been topped this weekend. For me this is another nothing film. It’s the same as all the other films like it. Trouble at home, that turns violent. It’s nothing.

Don’t Breathe $8.2M

On these box office reports I usually talk about how some films keep peppering those jabs in as they get further along in their releases. Don’t Breathe continues to just rake in a ton of money. It’s a brilliant horror thrill ride.

Don’t Breathe full review:

Suicide Squad $5.7M

What a great haul for DC. Week in and week out we talk about how Suicide Squad keeps hanging in. It’s likely that next week will be the first since release that we won’t see it in the top five. Nevertheless DC and WB should be happy with the money this universe has made them.

Suicide Squad full review:

The Wild Life $3.3M

The Wild Life flew a bit under the radar. I had no idea about this film until I saw trailers at the theater last week. I’ve yet to check it out, but hopefully it does well. Another Madagascar, The Wild type flick is good for this time of year.

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