“Sully”- Review:

Captain Sullenberger (Tom Hanks) does the impossible, a forced water landing into the Hudson River with 155 souls on board. Every person who boarded that plane made it out alive.

Clint Eastwood has really grabbed ahold of these true, heroic stories and turned them into some of the most inspiring films you’ll see all year. Eastwood captured the vibe of New York in such a real way. You got every point of view about this heroic event. From the media, to the doctors who treated the passengers, NYPD, ferry boat captains, a bartender, first responders, and of course the crew and passengers of the flight along with their families. In 95 minutes Eastwood captures all these points of view, you feel something for every soul on board. That’s a testament to how great Clint Eastwood is at bringing these stories to life. A true feat.

Now, what can you say about Tom Hanks? His performance as Sully is absolutely incredible. You couldn’t have picked a better actor to play this hero. He captured every emotion that Sully endures throughout this movie. It’s a true balancing act. This investigation takes a toll on him. Think about how it must feel to go through saving every life on board, to having someone tell you that you didn’t do it the right way. Hanks handles this in such a beautiful way, you just feel like Sully is apart of your family. You find yourself rooting for him. A performance like this just proves that Tom Hanks is the best actor of all time.

The other standout performance is Aaron Eckhart as Jeff Skiles, Sully’s first mate. Eckhart always brings a gritty, real, and down to earth performance to every role. The devastation that comes over him when both engines fail just breaks your heart. It’s what comes after that, Skiles is so grateful for Sully and will defend his decision to the end. Eckhart brings that to the forefront in every boardroom and courtroom scene.

This is one of those movies that make you feel like you just watched a documentary with real life footage. That’s a compliment to Hanks, Eckhart, and Clint Eastwood. They bring this incredible true story to life and it makes you feel so inspired that people like Sully still exist in a time where the world is full of negativity and hate. Sully cared for every soul on board like they were his own sons and daughters. It’s beautiful.


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