“Joe Manganiello cast as Deathstroke”

Joe Manganiello has been officially cast as Deathstroke in Ben Affleck’s solo Batman film. It was rumored that Manganiello was going to land the coveted role, but WB has set that in stone.

There aren’t many other people that have the tools to play Deathstroke. Joe is a big guy, that looks like he could tower over Ben Affleck. On top of that he’s a very muscular guy. It’s paramount that he looks like he can hold his own against Ben Affleck. It doesn’t really get more legit than Joe Manganiello.

Joe will not be making his debut not in Justice League, as Ben tweeted a video of Deathstroke walking up and starting into the camera leading people to draw that conclusion. I think that film is already juiced to the gills with characters and villains that it would be tough to showcase Deathstroke into that film and give that character the spotlight he deserves.

The spotlight the character deserves is a main villain role in a solo Batman movie where you can explore that origin, maybe you can include the Teen Titans like in the comics? Just a thought. I think this is a great casting choice, Affleck will be able to get a great performance out of Manganiello, and it may be the best film in the DC universe.


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