“Box Office Report August 26-28”

Don’t Breathe $26.1M

The studio has to be happy with this return on investment. It was made for just over $10M, and it was more then doubled. This is the game in horror. Make something for cheap and hope it makes money. In Don’t Breathe’s case it’s actually the best horror movie of the year.

Don’t Breathe full review:


Suicide Squad $12.1M

It’s good to see Suicide Squad hanging around still. In another slow week at the box office people still are heading out to check this out. I tend to believe it’s DC fans seeing it for a third or fourth time, but still a good sign nonetheless.

Suicide Squad full review:


Kubo and the Two Strings $7.9M

Kubo is still the best movie on this list. I have a hard time thinking of another movie this year that I enjoyed so much. It’s good to see it in the top three after a fourth place finish opening weekend.

Kubo full review:


Sausage Party $7.6M

Sausage Party keeps peppering those jabs week in and week out. A cumulative total of around $80M, four times its budget. Seth Rogen is hard at work molding the idea for the sequel.

Sausage Party full review:


Mechanic: Resurrection $7.5M

It’s hard not to be disappointed by this finish. I thought Statham’s name would’ve brought in at least $10M on a slow release weekend. People just weren’t interested, it’s hard to say why that is.

Mechanic: Resurrection full review:



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