“Mechanic: Resurrection”

Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) has been enjoying life since putting his murderous past behind him. When his arch rival kidnaps his love Gina (Jessica Alba) Bishop must dig up his past and go on a murderous rampage to save her.

Here’s the thing about Mechanic Resurrection, you have to go into it with the right mindset. If you’re going into a Statham flick with that hope that this will be the one with the gripping story and characters, you’ll be disappointed and hate this. If you’re like me and you just wanted to watch Jason Statham kick ass this is the flick for you.

Jason Statham is at his cheesy action star best here. The one liners and the over the top stunts make this an action packed delight. Some of the stunts are so preposterous you can’t help but bust out in laughter. Statham always plays these roles well, from Transporter, Crank, Expendables, and Death Race. This is his niche. The B level action movies with modest budgets. Statham fills that role nicely in a world where you’re either a $200 million budget movie, or a $5 million Indy flick. There’s no in between, Statham is that in between.

It’s good to see Jessica Alba back working a theatrically released film. She’s always likable and plays the damsel in distress role very well. Alba and Statham have good chemistry, it’s just that the story doesn’t give you a reason to believe that these two are truly in love. I wasn’t too caught up in that though, she gave Bishop a reason to go do his thing.

Is Mechanic Resurrection a tour de force that will win 100 Oscars this year? No. It serves it’s purpose in sending one of the best action heroes working today on a mission to be an action hero. Works for me. Tommy Lee Jones even pops up for a little which is always fun.


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