“Don’t Breathe”- Review:

A group of friends think they can pull off the perfect heist on a rich blind man. There’s a bit of an issue though, they’re wrong.

The trailers for Don’t Breathe have been pretty chilling. Once Stephen Lang pops up, you know for sure that these three are screwed. In that short snippet of footage you learn so much about The Blind Man, you fear him. Hopefully director Fede Alvarez can bring that same tension from the three minute trailer for the full movie.

For the full runtime of Don’t Breathe I was on the edge of my seat. Alvarez directs a compelling, tension filled horror flick. You just can’t take your eyes off the screen, there’s just an abundance of suspense and thrilling moments. His cinematography pops off the screen. The scene from the trailers where Rocky (Jane Levey) and Alex (Dylan Minnette) are in the pitch black down in the basement shakes you to the bone. You feel like you’re down there with them struggling to get a bit of light. White knuckle thrills to say the least.

Alvarez gets superb acting from his cast. Levey, Minnette and Stephen Lang crush it in the film. Lang brings such an edge to this role, to play a blind man in a film has to be a feat in itself. He also has to deal with three people breaking into his home. Lang pulls it off so well, at first you’re rooting for him, but as the story develops you learn more about this character and you just feel sick for it. That’s a testament to how great Lang is in the film.

Levy and Minnette are two really solid up and comers. Minnette has been in a few smaller things but this is his best work by far. You just really start to pull for his character, the resilience shown is truly incredible. Levy plays it in that same vain. The Blind Man just keeps coming and Rocky just won’t die.

All the character motivations are clear, which makes it so hard for you to feel good about rooting for someone. The movie makes it clear in the middle that you do have a hero amongst thieves. I almost starting pumping my fist at a point in the film, you’ll know it when you see it.

Don’t Breathe has insane twists and turns, good character development, and intense thrills. Lang and Levey make this movie a horror roller coaster ride for the ages.

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