“Ben-Hur (2016)”- Review:

A remake of the 1959 classic of the same name, Ben- Hur is an epic tale. Chronicling the journey of Judah Ben-Hur’s (Jack Huston) path of redemption. From being falsely accused of treason by his own adoptive brother Messala Severus (Toby Kebbell), to spending years at sea, only to venture back home seeking revenge.

The first three quarters of this movie I was on board. It wasn’t the best thing this year by any stretch, but serviceable for sure. The acting throughout is spot on. Jack Huston’s Ben-Hur is really good. Capturing the array of emotions, triumphs, and tribulations this character goes through is no small feat. Toby Kebbell as Messala was solid. At points he plays it very one note, but when he has to turn it on he does. The dynamic between Messala and Ben-Hur is played well. That journey for power and family comes across in a credible way.

When you see this movie, and you were enjoying it as much as I was the end will absolutely destroy you. For a movie that was overcoming such odds, a half way decent remake of an all time classic the end just washed that all away. It’s cheesy, it doesn’t fit at all for what the movie was setting up. It’s not even the fact that it’s a complete 180 from the original classic. We just went in such a different direction, that you feel insulted that your time was wasted. The ending is really that atrocious.

After my spiel about the end of Ben-Hur you could say that I didn’t like the film at all. On the other hand I did enjoy 2 hours of it. Especially the chariot scene. That was an absolute sight to see. It’s suspenseful and intense. If you leave after the chariot scene you may end up liking this remake. At the end of the day Ben-Hur has its moments but it’s end is to off putting.

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