“Weekend Box Office Report August 12-14”

Suicide Squad $43.7M

It won the box office this weekend, but man did this movie take a dive. Suicide Squad dropped off 67% from its August record breaking opening weekend. This isn’t uncharted waters for DC as BvS had a steep decline as well. This isn’t going to halt any productions, or make Warner pull the plug, it may give them a bit of a wake up call. I’ve liked all the DCEU movies to date, but these films are divisive to say the least.

Sausage Party $33.6M

A respectable haul for the R rated comedy. This movie is a ton of fun. It’s Rogen’s crew at their best, playing off such a crazy idea. The last thirty minutes just push the envelope as far as it can go. Seriously, if you’re into Rogen’s comedy then you’ll love this.

Pete’s Dragon $22.1M

I’m thrilled for Pete’s Dragon making it into the top three. It embodies the Disney message, while paying respect to the original. I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of stuffed dragons bought this Christmas.

Jason Bourne $13.6M

Bourne is one of those movies that everyone was excited about upon its arrival. When it came out people just stopped talking about. It’s a really good action movie, but doesn’t scratch the surface of Bourne’s past installments. Seeing Damon back in this role is iconic, which is why this film still looms in the top five.

Bad Moms $11.4M

The comedy that no one is talking about. Bad Moms is such a funny film. As I said last week, the mothers who really needed a night out loved this movie. Word of mouth just keeps spreading and rightfully so. The film is a pleasant summer surprise.


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