“Pete’s Dragon”- Review:

The remake of the 1977 animated classics of the same name, Pete’s Dragon is the story of an orphaned boy named Pete. Pete lives in the forest with his best friend Elliot, who happens to be a dragon.

This is such a magical tale. From start to finish you’re invested in all of the characters and the relationships. That has a lot to do with the acting in this film. From the top down the performances are stellar. Bryce Dallas Howard plays Grace so well. She brings such a passion to Grace. You know how much she loves the forest and everything that comes with it.

The child acting is what steals the show. Oona Laurence and Oakes Fegly are brilliant in the film. Oakes plays Pete, and he’s the heart and soul of the story. If you don’t buy his relationship with Elliot, or the one with Natalie, Oona Laurence’s character, the movie doesn’t work. Oona is great as always. She’s so relatable and real in all of her roles to date.

Other than Pete, Elliot is the paramount piece to this beautiful puzzle. The CGI on him is visually breathtaking. He towers over everything in sight. Along with that, his facial expressions are so telling. You can see the whole story in his eyes.

Love, loyalty, friendship, and family are the four threads that hold this film together. The loyalty and love between Pete and Elliot is there right from the moment you see them together. The friendship that blossoms between Pete and Natalie becomes one of the strongest relationships in the film. They relate to eachother in such a real way.

Pete’s Dragon is a magical Disney film. The performances are great from top to bottom and the visuals of Elliot are gorgeous. You know exactly where we’re going from the beginning, but while you’re on the ride, you enjoy every second.

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