“Sausage Party”- Review:

Frank (Seth Rogen) struggles to find the truth about his existence. In a world where getting chosen by a God is supposed to be the pinnacle of the grocery items life, it turns out to be the opposite.

Sausage Party had me hooked from the very first trailer, I can say confidently that so did the film. It’s a great time from start to finish. Rogen and Goldberg write such an off the wall film here that you can’t help but be sucked into this world. The food in the supermarket literally comes to life and live within this well built supermarket world. Much respect to them for coming up with such a crazy concept.

The voice acting is stellar. There are so many actors here, headlined by Rogen’s This is the End crew. Edward Norton, Kristin Wig, and Salma Hayek round out the voice cast. Rogen, Wig, and Jonah Hill do most of the heavy lifting here. You become immersed in the film because of how great they deliver those hilarious lines.

The story is pretty simple at its core. Some of the groceries get separated and have to get back to the store knowing what their true fate is on the outside. What makes this such a good time is the writing of the comedic lines, and the timing from the actors.

You’re either going to love this film or hate it. That’s all predicated on if you’re a fan of Rogen’s comedic style. If you are, it’s another fun time at the movies. If not however, you’ll want to avoid this movie.

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