“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”- Trailer Review:

The first full length Rogue One trailer is finally here! After much anticipation we finally get a glimpse of the man himself, DARTH VADER.

That was really the money shot of this trailer for me. Don’t get me wrong there were other cool moments here that are worth noting. Seeing Vader took this trailer from good to great. Just hearing that ominous breathing got me back into the Star Wars anticipation, that I had this time last year.

Gareth Edwards has such a great visual style. Everything is so gritty and realistic in this trailer. I could rave about his eye for great action all day, he’s really making this feel like a war movie. Edwards said as much when he was announced as the director. It’s called Star Wars for a reason.

Felicity Jones is owning this Jyn Erso role. She’s embodying such strength in just the few scenes we’ve seen so far. When she walks up to that AT-AT with her blaster, I was in. She’s such a bad ass.

The thread that held the trailer together for me was Forest Whitaker as Saw Gerrera. He instills such inspiration in his delivery. You know that when he’s in the thick of battle, that he will be the one the Rebels look to for leadership.

This is the Rogue One trailer I wanted coming off of celebration. I was so disappointed by the little behind the scenes sizzle reel that we got. I truly loved this trailer. Now we are all counting down until December.

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