“Box Office Report August 5-7”

Suicide Squad $135M

No surprise at the top again. Suicide Squad obliterated every August box office record. For me the movie was fun, and the action was top notch. Performances from Smith, Robbie, and Leto carry the film, and at least from my POV DC is 3/3 in their DCEU.

Jason Bourne $22.7M

Bourne took a bit of a drop this week. I’m sure Suicide Squad dipped it’s hand deep into the Bourne audience, causing around a 60% drop. Bourne was such a fun, thrilling, action movie. Hopefully Damon wants to come back for more!

Bad Moms $14.2M

A pleasant surprise in the top five! Bad Moms holding its position at #3 from last week. It’s a movie that moms flocked to last week, and that word of mouth spread pretty fast. It has a decent story, but Kunis and Bell play so well off each other.

Secret Life of Pets $11.6M

This movie isn’t going away anytime soon. Look you know that I loved this film. I’ve talked about that in every box office report for the last month at least. Maybe this week when the R Rated Sausage Party hits theaters Pets will be out of the top five. I wouldn’t bet on that though.

Star Trek Beyond $10.2M

I loved this movie. Such great action, and the space scenes were so beautiful. This cast is magical together, Quinto’s Spock and Pine’s Kirk are sensational once again. The returns on this franchise have gone down gradually since the first film in 2009. Hopefully we can still voyage on the enterprise with this crew in the future.


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