“Box Office Report July 29-31”

1. Jason Bourne $60*

There should be no surprise here. The fifth installment into the Bourne franchise crushes the competition this weekend. Does this number warrant a sequel. It already has mad back half its budget so time will only tell.

2. Star Trek Beyond $24*

This has to be the ultimate disappointment. A sixty percent drop for a film that was certified fresh on rotten tomatoes, and is a hot property. I loved this movie, great action and visuals. I have no idea why this film took such a steep drop in only its second weekend. A great foreign take will be this films saving grace.

3. Bad Moms $23.4*

A pleasant surprise. I thought Nerve would’ve been in this spot for sure. I guess Mothers went out in droves to see this. It’s getting good reviews, the highest on rotten tomatoes this weekend. I guess moms were looking for a night out at the movies this weekend.

4. The Secret Life of Pets $18.2*

An animated movie in the top five yet again. Between this and Finding Dory, animated films have been crushing the summer box office. It’ll be interesting to see if this will stay in the top five when Suicide Squad comes out next week, coupled with the new releases this week.

5. Lights Out $10.8*

New Line and WB took the Blumhouse approach with Lights out. It was produced for around five million dollars. Opening weekend it made four times its budget. Adding this weekends ten million, lights out has already made back six times its production budget. That’s incredible, and good business. No surprise a sequel has already been green lit.



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