“Jason Bourne”- Review:

Jason Bourne (Matt Damon), the most dangerous CIA operative of all time is drawn out of hiding to dive deeper into his past.

It’s safe to say that when a new Bourne movie was announced with Damon reprising his iconic role, people were excited. Jason Bourne is synonymous with the action genre. At 45 years old Damon returns to the franchise that made him a movie star.

Is this fourth installment (Legacy doesn’t count) as good as the previous Bourne films? You could make the argument that it’s up there. Paul Greengrass directs the action brilliantly. It’s visceral, white knuckle excitement. The last act of the film is so thrilling. There’s a sequence that may go down in history as one of the most thrilling action scenes in recent memory.

What can you say about Matt Damon in this role that hasn’t already been said? It’s an iconic character in cinema. He brings it here. The mystery behind Bourne is still as prominent as ever, and Damon can still deliver a knockout performance while hardly speaking a word.

The supporting cast may be one of the best in Bourne history as Alicia Vikander and Tommy Lee Jones join the cast as CIA agents. Vikander crushes it as always. Her performance as Heather Lee was layered, and she brings her inner struggle with CIA to the forefront. Tommy Lee Jones is just playing himself here, it fit the movie though. That old head of the CIA was a perfect fit for Jones’s personality.

There was one glaring problem with the film. The script takes us from Jason Bourne’s tale of revenge, to this social media story line. It brings the story with Bourne to a screeching halt, and forces it in the audiences face. There was nothing wrong with the execution in this part of the story, but it felt like a completely independent thing from the rest of the movie. If this was a straight up Jason Bourne revenge flick it would’ve been so much better.

Jason Bourne is still a really fun action film. It’s exciting from start to finish. Despite its flaws, you can still go to the theater and love this film.


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