“Justice League” Comic Con Trailer Review:

It’s safe to say that DC has won Comic Con. Between this trailer and the Wonder Woman trailer, DC is riding high. It seems like the fans have forgiven Snyder for BvS.

Now, what was so great about this trailer? Well it looks like that Ben Affleck’s Batman has taken up that Nick Fury role in recruiting Justice League members. It seems like he has a good handle on getting Flash on board, played by Ezra Miller. It looks like he is going to be the bright spot in a pretty dark film.

The trailer opened with the toughest guy to recruit, Jason Mamoa’s, Aquaman. He looked like such a bad ass here. He looked like the ultimate alpha, even standing in front of Bruce Wayne. There’s a beautiful visual of Aquaman drinking, while walking into a huge water fall that just collapses in on him. That may have been the best shot of the trailer.

There is a couple cool moments between Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman and Bruce Wayne talking about the new recruits. I was surprised to see them cracking jokes. I guess they took some of the fans critiques and tried to inject some humor. It doesn’t feel forced, Ben and Gal seem to have good chemistry at this point.

Cyborg kind of seemed like the odd man out. Don’t get me wrong it was good to see him, and when he’s dressed in that bad ass metallic suit he looks incredible. Maybe it’s because we didn’t see a lot of him throughout the trailer, that when we did it didn’t feel right. I’m a fan of the character so I hope there is more of him in trailers down the line.

Zack Snyder maybe better than people are giving him credit for. In the beginning of the trailer it says that this is just taken from the footage that’s shot. It’s just a makeshift trailer for us to get ready for this film. It’s safe to say that if you were skeptical about Justice League, that you’re on board now.


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