“Box Office Report July 22-24”

1. Star Trek Beyond $59.6*

No surprise that this space epic drew the number one spot. The good reviews from critics and positive word of mouth from fans helped push this over the top. It’s a blast. A fun flick from start to finish.

2. Secret Life of Pets $29.3*

Anytime a good animated film comes out you can expect it to hover around the top five for a month or two. Pets came out a great time, right when Dory started to drop, Pets came and claimed that money.

3. Ghostbusters $21.6*

This is a bit of a surprise. For a film that was panned by fans, Sony should be happy with a 50 percent drop. Critics seemed to be on board, but the detesting from the fans really weighed it down. Good to see it in the top five though.

4. Lights Out $21.6*

Great haul for WB here. This is just another case of a horror movie being made for cheap and making money hand over fist based on its profit. It’s a creepy film as well, totally worth your time.

5. Ice Age 5 $21*

This thing tanked. I don’t think fox is going to shell out any more of these films. They made money in spades at first but now they’ve just gotten worse in quality and at the box office.

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