“Wonder Woman”- Comic Con Trailer Review:

“Wonder Woman” – Comic Con Trailer Review:

Wow. This trailer was amazing. We start by seeing Diana looking over Steven Trevor’s body washed up to shore. The visuals by director Patty Jenkins throughout the trailer are breathtaking, here especially. The beach and the ocean behind them look beautiful.

Then we get a brief glimpse of Wonder Woman in the Amazon. After this point the trailer just goes into my name is Diana, I’m going to kick your ass mode.

A huge battle on the beach, Wonder Woman riding horseback into a fight, and taking down three people on her own so swiftly all come after.

Patty Jenkins has a tall task in front of her. From this trailer alone it looks like Wonder Woman is going to be a war film, romantic, with some comedy sprinkled in throughout. So far it looks like Pine and Gadot have good chemistry. Which is promising. Gal hasn’t had an on screen love interest since Fast 6, and Chris Pine is no slouch.

Wonder Woman looks like a kick ass movie. Gal Gadot was believable as an action star in BvS and now gets her opportunity to stand alone. We end with a great line from Diana. She tells Steve Trevor “What I do is not up to you.” Such a girl power moment. This has to be one of my most anticipated films of 2017

You can watch the trailer here:

.Wonder Woman Comic Con Trailer

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