“Lights Out”- Review:

When her younger brother, Martin, begins to envision the terror that drove her crazy, Rebecca has to look for answers to save him.

Diana will be keeping us all up tonight after watching Lights Out. Usually in these demonic, low budget flicks the villainous prescience isn’t really seen until the end. In Lights Out Diana is prominent from scene one until the last shot. Another way Lights Out is different is that Diana is a flushed out character, with back story, and layers. She had a deep friendship with Sophie (Maria Bello) that stemmed from having been in the same psych hospital.

The film is acted well throughout Teresa Palmer is great as older sister Rebecca. She’s the heart of this story. The love she has for her brother and her boyfriend carry the emotional heft of this flick.

The way Lights Out ends is heavy. It’s so unexpected for a film like this to bring such a gut punch. The story itself is executed so well for a demonic horror movie.

That’s credit to director David F. Sandberg, who helmed the short of the same name. For an 80 minute film to spawn from a short film and be so good is a testament to Sandberg’s drive to get this made. If you’re looking for some scares this weekend Lights Out will get you for sure.


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