“Box Office Report July 15-17”

1. “Secret Life of Pets” $50.5*

The newest animated release only dropped 51% from a strong 100 million dollar opening weekend. Illumination has to be thrilled with these results. They most likely have found a new franchise to pair with the Minions.

2. “Ghostbusters” $46*

Sony has to be a little disappointed. The budget was around 150 million, so they made back close to a third this week. I thoroughly enjoyed the reboot, I hope this doesn’t kill the chances of a sequel. Looks like strong staying power domestically and a strong foreign run to franchise this. Fingers crossed on my end.

3. “The Legend of Tarzan” $11.1*

Taking in around 103 million in its run, this is a great result. The movie wasn’t exactly beloved by critics, so to make a 100 million has to be a bit of a surprise. The power of the Internet can’t be counted out. Look at Ghostbusters, so for a film to be detracted so much to get this number is a good sign. People may actually be going to the theater to see what they want regardless of reviews.

4. “Finding Dory” $11*

No surprise here. Dory is a box office juggernaut. It’s now the highest grossing animated film domestically with a total around $445 million. The success is warranted, Dory is one of the best animated sequels ever and is great for everyone in the family.

5. Mike & Dave 7.5*

I’m happy that this is staying in the top five. The four leads in the film all bring such great comedic timing and hilarious improv. The latest purge was right on its heels, but you can’t count out Efron and Kendrick, they may not be movie stars but they have huge followings.



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