“The Infiltrator”- Review:

U.S. customs official Robert Mazur (Bryan Cranston) goes undercover to bust a money laundering scheme revolving around Pablo Escobar.

Bryan Cranston lost himself playing Mazur. As he is in most films, he was unrecognizable. The performance was so authentic, real, and lived in to the point that I wanted to go along on this ride for two more hours. You could make more movies about Mazur going undercover with Cranston and I wouldn’t complain. He was that good. Cranston ha stage ability to emote so much without speaking a word.

The other star here is director Brad Furman. Having such a keen sense for this time period, Furman engrosses you into this world filled with grey areas. The visual flare he brought was tremendous. Many shots of beautiful Miami that make you feel like you’re right there.

At times however The Infiltrator feels very low budget. Furman had to take years upon years of events and squeeze it into a two hour flick. Something like this should’ve been a TV series. From scene one you’re going and going without stopping. It has a pacing problem in that way. It’s information overload at times.

If you aren’t into the story of the Columbian Cartel, or crime movies, this obviously isn’t for you. Even if you aren’t, you can go see this for Cranston’s performance alone. He was spectacular.

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