“Ghostbusters (2016)”- Review:

Whether or not you wanted to love this movie or you went into it with disdain, the reboot of Ghostbusters is finally here. Melissa McCarthy, Kristin Wig, Kate Mckinion and Leslie Jones star as the new revamped Ghostbusters.

I’m a fan of the original so when Sony announced this reboot, I was curious and excited at the same time. The trailers came out and they just weren’t good. I think they shot themselves out of the gate with the marketing. Sony didn’t pick the right comedic points to sell this film so that led to skepticism. I’m a fan of all of these women, McCarthy is a superstar as is Wig. Jones and Mckinion have been killing it on SNL. So this movie at the very least should be funny, hopefully these women can bust some ghosts as well. I’m definitely pulling for them.

Let’s start by saying that this is a hilarious film. I laughed from beginning to end. These four have great chemistry together and play off of each other so well. That’s a testament to director Paul Feig. He’s done a lot of work with Melissa McCarthy in the past so I think he just let them improv a lot in their scenes. It paid off because there wasn’t a time that I wasn’t laughing.

We know that McCarthy and Wig are comedic studs at this point, they are phenomenal. The credibility that they brought to this was just so instrumental. In a movie with two actress who’ve just done SNL. They have to set that tone of being ass kickers and being laugh out loud funny. They definitely were.

The real question is how were Leslie Jones and Kate Mckinnion? They stole this movie. More Kate Mickinnion, she’s going to be a star off the back of this. People will think her performance is either tremendous, or way too over the top. I thought her character was perfect for this movie. She was the funniest here by far. Leslie Jones holds her own as well. The juxtaposition from her more skeptical character to the other three who are deeply invested into the ghosts made her bits funny. Jones’s delivery was brilliant as well.

If you didn’t think Mckinnion and Jones stole the show, than Chris Hemsworth may have. His receptionist character is so dopey, and over the top that I couldn’t help but have a belly busting laugh. He crushed it here. This is the funniest he’s been ever.

The ghosts look great. Technology has evolved so much since the original that you could pretty much figure that out. There were a couple that looked better than others but for the most part the ghosts looked amazing. The scenes with the Ghostbusters, ghost busting were a blast. I believed that they could do this. All the work that they put into the tech paid off, and that was fun to see. The ending sequence is a sight. Mckinnion has a bad ass action scene where she’s just calling these ghosts. She shines.

What can I say about this movie that hasn’t already been said? Some fans had their mind made up before they even stepped into the theater. What sense does that make? It makes zero sense. In 2016 there are still people who get enraged seeing women succeed in a mans field. To me it’s crazy. Don’t believe the hate from people who haven’t even seen this movie yet. Ghostbusters is a fun remake, with classic cameos, great action, and gut busting laughs.


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