“Box Office Report” July 8-10

1. Secret Life of Pets $103.2

This was a lock to be number one this weekend. It set the record for an original animated film. A fun cast of characters, a safe premise, and an A- cinemascore all led to this breaking the record. Illumination entertainment should be thrilled with this result.

2. The Legend of Tarzan $20.6

I never thought Tarzan would’ve came in second. With Dory still out, Tarzan hung on for dear life. Only a 46% drop from last weekend. Plus all the hate by critics. Tarzan is a pleasant surprise this weekend. Positive word of mouth by fans may have saved it. The $180 million budget still has it submerged, but with the international market you never know.

3. Finding Dory $20.4

All of us know that Dory will stay in the top five for a really long time. Now at $422 million domestically it’s the highest grossing movie stateside of the year. Globally however it’s made $220.2 million, taking it close to $644 world wide. It’s a juggernaut. Disney is having a great year.

4. Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates $16.6

The weeks only other new release makes a solid number this weekend. It’s not going to turn heads but for an R Rated comedy but Fox should be happy with the result. It’s a hilarious movie, so hopefully positive word of mouth can help keep this movie floating around the fifth spot next week. It’s tracking to make about 35-40 million overall stateside, a solid number.

5. The Purge: Election Year $11.7

Blumhouse is notorious for making money. They budget this film for $10 million, and in two weeks it’s made around $58 million. You can’t argue with Blumhouse’s logic. They print money over there. Election Year was a fun, political, action, horror film. It’s the best out of the Purge trilogy and with Grillo as the lead, people will continue to go see it.

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