“Zootopia”- Review:

Zootopia is a city full of animals, from the tallest giraffe to the smallest rabbits. When Judy Hopps begins chasing her dream of becoming a cop she encounters a sly, con man fox who reluctantly helps her uncover a conspiracy.

Zootopia felt like a real place that I wanted to visit. The vivid and vibrant colors, bleed off the city and into the story telling. It moves at such a fast pace, with such clever lines and quips from our main characters.

Ginnifer Goodwin and Jason Bateman voice Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde. Their delivery was superb. They had terrific chemistry. The rest of the voice cast was great as well Idris Elba voiced the chief of police, and JK Simmions is the Mayor. Both hilarious and powerful authority figures.

Zootopia is the best animated film this year, possibly of last year too. The characters are all lovable, and this world feels inhabitable. You have to see this ASAP.


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