“TMNT: Out Of the Shadows”- Review:

The Michael Bay produces incarnation of TMNT are back for a well deserved sequel. It’s predecessor wasn’t a great film as a whole, but when those turtles were on screen it became infinitely more fun. When April O’neil (Megan Fox) was off doing her own thing it felt like a waste of time. Unfortunately this film suffers from the same problem.

The turtles as they were in the original are outstanding. The CGI used to craft their look and mannerisms is fantastic. Their scenes are just a blast. The brotherhood shares is portrayed well, you buy their love for each other from the beginning. Raph, Donnie, Mikey, and Leo all come across well on the big screen I just wish that this film was them on their own.

Megan Fox as April O’neil is back and is just as wooden here as she always is. Never a sight for sore eyes of course, but she hardly emotes. Stephen Amell plays Casey Jones and he was great, he makes the best of a bad situation. Amell doesn’t have great material to work with but he tries to turn it into something worth while.

The addition of Bebob and Rocksteady are a pleasant one. WWE superstar Sheamus makes his feature film debut as Rocksteady and he crushes it. He has chops for these kinds of roles. Small ones in big budget action films. It also helps that he’s voicing a CGI rhino.

All in all this TMNT sequel is enjoyable. The fans were heard and the turtles are in about 70 percent of this 2 hour runtime. Unfortunately Transformers always gets this criticism as well, focus more on the characters we came for. In this case you don’t need any of the human elements.


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