“The Shallows”- Review

Nancy Adams (Blake Lively) is looking to find herself after the death of her mother. To do so she wants to surf on the beach her mother visited frequently. 200 yards from shore, a surfers worst nightmare is about to become a reality.

Blake Lively shines here. In a movie where she is alone for almost the whole runtime, she carried it on her back. I was floored by her performance. I was rooting for her throughout, and that’s due to her likability, you can’t hate Blake Lively. It doesn’t hurt that she is a sight for sore eyes.

Director Jaume Collett-Serra had me on the edge of my seat. Every scene Nancy is in the water is filled with tension and suspense. This shark was something to fear, and the direction had a lot to do with that. Once it popped up, Serra shoots it in such a terrifying way. Close up shots, and steady shots as the shark zooms through the sea. There’s the attack scenes as well, so gory and grotesque.

The one glaring negative is the last fight between Nancy and the shark. Such a realistic movie throughout ends with such a convenience. I was disappointed, but the visual of what happens to the shark is jaw dropping.

The Shallows is a fun shark attack movie, lead by one of the best actresses in Hollywood. The director has such visual flare for the open ocean that you can’t take your eyes off the screen.


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