“The Purge: Election Year”- Review:

Two years after Sergeant Leo Barnes (Frank Grillo) decided against killing the man who killed his son, Barnes is now head of security for presidential front runner Charlene Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell). The policy that got her there, ending The Purge.

The Purge is a unique franchise. It’s one of the only ones I can remember that had each film get better as it went along. Election Year is just one of those movies that you know what you’re getting into as soon as you walk in. Blood, gore, violence, and bad ass Frank Grillo.

Grillo is the heart of this franchise. His character is so rugged and tough, while having a big heart for the ones he loves. He elevates this film. His chemistry with the Senator is great. They have that unspoken confidence in each other that a politician would with their head of security.

James DeMonaco is The Purge. He’s directed all three films, and has found this franchise’s niche. Big over the top violence with some really unsettling imagery. The original didn’t have that. It focused on the Sandin’s home invasion. Purge Anarchy is when he really found his stride. There are some really creepy visuals.

The supporting cast is good as well. Mitchell plays that politician out for change, and she fits in that roll. I didn’t think she was acting. The only other stand out is Myketi Williamson as Joe, a Deli owner who gets reluctantly thrown in this mess. He has some very funny lines, some fall really flat, but more likely than not, his stuff hits.

The second standout is Edwin Hodge as Dante Bishop. Formally know as The Bloody Stranger. Mainstay of the franchise. It’s always good to see him. For me he ties the whole story up. Hodge brings mystery and strong leadership in his fight against the system.

The Purge films are guilty pleasures of mine. Is this a far fetched concept? Of course. Will this ever happen? No. Is it fun to think “well what if this happened?” Grillo is a great action star, and DeMonaco has been a fun director to watch develop. Election Year is a fun horror film with a political twist.


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