“The Brothers Grimsby”- Review:

Sacha Baron Cohen is a polarizing figure. You either love his films or hate them. I happen to love them. Borat, Bruno, and The Dictator all have stayed in my consciousness since I saw them. Borat being the most prominent and the better of the three. Since Borat I’ve been dying to see more of what crazy thing he does next. Enter The Brothers Grimsby.

Two brothers who were separated as children now must take an MI6 assignment. Sebastian (Mark Strong) went on to become that suave spy, and Dobby (Cohen) became an alcoholic football fan.

This Cohen flick won’t change your perception of him. If you hated Borat and Bruno this one won’t win you over all of a sudden. The humor is crude, and so over the top.

If you laughed out loud at any of the other Cohen films the you’ll love Grimsby. There is some good action here as well. Some POV, video game shots which really took me by surprise. Strong and Cohen are great together.


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