“The BFG”- Review:

Steven Spielberg is one of the best directors of our time. From ET to Saving Private Ryan, he’s directed some of the most iconic films ever. Even 2015’s Bridge of Spies was regarded as a step down from his previous works, still was nominated for best picture.

Sophie (Ruby Barnhill) encounters The Big Friendly Giant (Mark Rylance) who is a loving and caring giant despite his appearance. This makes him an outcast among the other giants in Giant Country.

Is BFG the best Spielberg film? No. That’s a tall order of course, but this film is just one of those enlightening experiences. It’s a feel good story directed by the best ever.

The motion capture performance by Mark Rylance is spectacular. He truly is the Giant. From his mannerisms, facials, and voice work. The giant constantly messes up words and that added to a lot of the comedic moments here.

Ruby Barnhill was tremendous. This girl is going to be a powerhouse actress in Hollywood. She has such caring eyes. You have to be a great actress to act in front of a CGI character. I believed every interaction between them, and bought that friendship.

The BFG is a great family film. The giant is acted beautifully by Rylance. Ruby Barnhill is such a great young actress, we will be seeing her a lot more in years to come. Spielberg directs a visual masterpiece and an uplifting family film.

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