“The Angry Birds”- Review:

An island inhabited by happy, flightless birds is over run by a group of mysterious green pigs. The fate of their island is left to three angry birds that have been shunned by their peers.

This movie is just a lot of harmless fun. You aren’t getting Zootopia level themes, or Minions abundance of cuteness. Angry Birds is just a blast. Anyone can have fun watching this, kids will love it, and the adults that are dragged to this will get some laughs as well. Boy there are laughs in spades here.

Red (Jason Sudeikis) has some really snarky, wise cracking lines. I was bracing myself knowing that whatever he said next was going to be hilarious. Chuck (Josh Gad) is a fun character that plays off of Red well. The brotherhood that they develop with Bomb (Danny Mcbride) and a massive bird Terrance (Sean Penn) is a blast to watch unfold.

The story is pretty generic, and I don’t really have a problem with that. The game had no story at all, and the creative team behind this movie took that IP and made it into a good film. Angry Birds has a lot more heart than I thought it would. There are some touching moments that made me love the characters. This is worth a watch.


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