“Money Monster”- Review:

Kyle Budwell (Jack O’Conell) lost his life savings buying big on Ibis stock. He wants answers and goes to Lee Gates (George Clooney) host of the show Money Monster, telling you where to invest your money in the stock market. The show is directed by Patty (Julia Roberts).

What can we say about a cast that is headlined by Clooney and Roberts? The acting is obviously extraordinary. Lee Gates is the typical TV host. Egocentric and flamboyant, with charisma to spare which makes him very entertaining to watch him do his schtick here. Patty is that cool calm and collected director of a hit TV program. The chemistry between Roberts and Clooney is fantastic. She’s in his ear the whole time working him through the show, until Kyle (O’ Connell) shows up and she ends up working Lee through something much worse.

I can’t say O’Connell stole the show because this would’ve been a tough one to steal. Once director Jodie Foster begins to peel back the layers of Kyle, we begin to feel sympathy for him. I could feel his pain, how much it hurt to list all your money by trusting a friendly faced guy on tv.

The real star here is Jodie Foster. She kept me on the edge of my seat by putting Kyle and Lee in such suspenseful situations. This is a thriller with a political message. I was thoroughly entertained by Money Monster, it’s a bit cliche but if your film
Is well directed and well acted then it doesn’t matter how cliche it is. This is 2016’s version of Southpaw, you knew where it was going but it was great to go on that emotional ride for two hours.

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