“Me Before You”- Review:

Louisa Clark (Emilia Clarke) is in search of a job when she finds an opportunity to care for quadriplegic Will Traynor (Sam Claflin). As time passes Will and Louisa grow fond of each other.

Me Before You will go down as one of those tearjerker and romantic film classics. The star is JoJo Moyes, writer of the screenplay and the novel of which this film is based. The story was so beautiful. It isn’t a clichè romantic comedy, JoJo Moyes brings so much light to a story that could’ve been filled with dread. Continuing the girl power behind the camera is director Thea Sharrock. She handles this material with such care, grace and elegance. Lighting up the streets of London visually, and getting career defining performances out of her actors.

Emilia Clarke proved how far her range can reach. Playing upbeat and bubbly Louisa Clark just showed us a completely different side to her standout role of Khalessi. As she goes through that roller coaster of emotions that love of life doesn’t waiver.

Equally as great is Sam Claflin. You see so much pain in his eyes. When he first meets Louisa they are polar opposites as people. Since his accident he has become disenfranchised with life, just wants it to end. Louisa changes that and brings light to his life. These two together are just dynamite. Their banter, and witty dialogue is great.

Me Before You is a fantastic film. Start to finish its great too spend time with these two. It was uplifting and emotional at the same time. This is going to be a hit.


2 thoughts on ““Me Before You”- Review:

  1. Nice review! I watched this one last night. I thought Emilia Clarke was brilliant. A few cliche-ey moments (and I find it annoying that Will Traynor refers to Lou as “Clarke”) but it was an enjoyable watch!


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